Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Voting 'Yes' to Marriage Equality

I'm going to surprise very few people when I say this but I'm voting 'Yes' in the upcoming Marriage Referendum.
Being honest I think the only person I surprised by declaring that news was the canvasser who arrived at my door yesterday who wasn't quite prepared for me going from a 'Who the bl**dy f**k is ringing my f**king doorbell?!' look on my face with my guarded stance to 'Oh, it's you! Of course I'm voting Yes!' open stance while yelling that exact same thing.
I didn't want to keep him long, I was already a sure vote so I let him save his energy and enthusiasm for a future doorstep.

This brief encounter got me thinking, it's hard to walk down the street without seeing a poster endorsing a 'No' vote, but in every newspaper, radio interview, tv appearance, website, I've noticed that the supporters of this 'No' side are frequently claiming to be silenced. The national podium they are legally bestowed under the banner of 'balance' must be rigged with a faulty mic, the column inches written in Esperanto, the radio chatter a dulled cloud of static and white noise as if the entire broadcasting tower was going through a tunnel, their YouTube ads endlessly buffering at the start of the latest Taylor Swift video, their websites and Twitter pages just reading a sad solitary '404'.
Taking all of that into account, I had a thought had I really ever considered voting 'No'? Had I really heard them out?
So, I rigged my personal supercomputer (read: my brain powered by some strong tea) up to all of the noise, committed as much effort as it deserved, and filtered out the following FAQ to really hammer out the 'No' side's argument and ask the questions they want people to ask themselves.