Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Film [insert number]: 'What We Do In The Shadows'

So, Horrorthon is over for another year. Dead and buried until an ill-wind blows the top dirt off of its shadow grave and the festering corpse beneath - seeing sunlight - blinks, breathes, and rises anew!
But, that's for the future.
For now I'm left with the fond memories of this year's festival to get me through to the next.
The high of this year's festival was the closing movie: "What We Do In The Shadows".

I honestly don't know how to do this film justice with a description. Broadly, it's about the lives of group of vampires who live together in the time leading up to an annual event "The Unholy Masquerade". During this time they detail where they came from, how they adjust to modern life, and how they generally cope as vampires, and how they relate to mortal people to help them get through life.
It pokes fun of and has has fun with so many different facets of classic vampire lore, each of the flatmates represents such a well-known type of vampire - like Vladislav the seductive yet demonic Vlad The Impaler torturer type, and Petyr the very-clearly-Nosferatu - and the scenes and introductions and conversations are littered with classical-style drawings of vampire tales to remind you where in history these characters fit before they grew into modern-day New Zealand.

It's a fun film with a great cast, lots of fun with the documentary format, and even manages to cram in a great little found-footage film-style chase-through-the-house sequence where the vampires are attacking a potential victim that crams in some decent scares, and great jokes into a very fast-paced scene.

I have no idea how to do it justice with any description, luckily the distributor released the first 6 minutes online, so watch that, enjoy the sh*t out of it, and be fully sold on this entire movie.
It's just so wonderful that missing it would be a shame, both to you as a movie lover and to the film-makers who deserve to have this gem watched far and wide.

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