Thursday, 2 October 2014

Film #2: 'Hell Baby'

Back at last years Horrorthon (which has a nice new site here, and a 2014 schedule being released soon) I saw film called 'Delivery', about a woman whose pregnancy takes a sinister turn. It's starts as a painfully kitsch reality tv show about pregnancy and devolves to a regular old found footage horror film about a woman and a haunting or a demon or something... I don't know. The parts that weren't just terrible were immediately forgettable. Since there are no parts of this movie I plan to consciously recall I'm not gonna get more into it.
The point is, this was a low point for pregnancy-based horror films, which are apparently a thing.
So, we'll call 'Delivery' the low mark, and we'll call 'Rosemary's Baby' the high mark.
Best I can say, 'Hell Baby' definitely falls somewhere between these two films.

It's a horror-comedy, and manages to be a decent comedy performed by some good comedy actors. Robb Corddry, Leslie Bibb, Keegan-Michael Key, Paul Scheer all appear in it and Reno 911's Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant appear and also wrote and directed the film.
I'll be honest, I expected a series of scatter-gun scenes designed to drive up a hit/miss joke ratio. The film, thankfully, manages to avoid being a series of loosely connected sketches that tend to be the aim of horror spoofs these days (largely the Scary Movie series) and does manage to get a little story and a few good laughs in there.
The story, that a couple have bought a house in a cr*ppy neighbourhood, as soon as they move in strange things begin to happen, garnering the attention of the local police and Vatican investigators. Along the way the hit/ miss joke ratio does a little see-sawing, but manages to stay on the hit side with some great scenes and performances. Hell, even the scenes that aren't great are still executed with the full energy of the cast.
The horror parts of it aren't gruesome or scary, but they suit the comedy, just don't expect thrills or shocks.

Out of 10 I'd rate 'Hell Baby':
'If someone else brings it up I'll talk about it with them, but I'd be very surprised if they quote it' out of 10.

This film also has the benefit of being on Netflix UK, so if you have an account already you could do much worse in their horror section than this.

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