Sunday, 12 October 2014

Film #12: 'The ABCs of Death'

'The ABCs of Death' is a horror anthology made up of 26 short movies made by 26 different directors, so the hit/ miss ratio is something to bear in mind when saying that this 'movie' is good or bad.

Actually, it's impossible to review this film, it's 26 films of very uneven worth.
'Cool Ass Cinema' does a great job of breaking down the individual entries there, so I'd recommending a visit to that site to gauge the merits of each individual entry.

With so many different short it could be easy to distinguish that some are easily better than others - some being good and clever, and others being extreme, unnecessary or just boring.
But, since these 26 are all packaged as one feature I find it very easy to say to avoid this sh*t.

It runs the entire gamut of horror, but the "extreme" stuff, the clear shock for the sake of extreme shock stuff made this unbearable.
I already had to listen to the f**king voiceovers on 'The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence' as the main character slept at night; so I've used up my quotient of "putting up with shocking for the sake of it" for the year or decade or lifetime. In response to my hating that, I then found defenders of that film praise those exact same sequences for being so challenging and over the top that I didn't understand them, and that I'd dismissed them as being extreme when they were really commentaries on extreme cinema and how laypeople dismiss it.
Horror films do a great job of defending themselves when they're good, but making up sh*t to defend terrible ones is where I draw the line.

So, yes, sh*t outweighs good in this anthology - by a massive amount.
There is some good, and some very clever stuff in here that it would be a shame to miss. So if you make the mistake of watching this film then with your dvd remote in hand to skip whole chapters without a second thought. And if the entire run-time of the version you suffer through is only 20 minutes out of the film's entire 2 hour 10 minute run-time then you can count yourself lucky, you haven't really 'missed' anything by not watching the rest.

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