Tuesday, 11 February 2014

'Goat Simulator'

Did you know that goats don't have tear ducts?
So uncaring are they that they've evolved away from a mechanism of even sarcastically shedding tears.
That on top of their weird shaped pupils that they use to taunt anyone who locks eye-contact with them, even for a playful 'staring contest', makes them pretty much the most emotionally distant of all the farm animals.

Anyway, I don't think that's the part 'goat life' that this simulator aims to replicate, but I thought people needed to know.

Anyway, the people over at Coffee Stain Studios made 'Goat Simulator':

Do with that information what you will!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

'Neknominate' & 'RAKnominate' & the ill-fated practice of 'Necronomicnomination'

[Author's note: At the time of writing this it's unclear if the 'k' in 'Neknominate' & 'RAKnominate' is silent, like in 'know']

As well-intentioned as "RAKnominations" are, the fact that people need a hashtag or catchy name to do something nice is every bit my fundamental problem with social media.
Don't video/ photo yourself as if being a decent person is supposed to be peculiar.
Fair play if you do something nice, but do it to feel like a better person, not as an exercise in attention seeking & self-promotion, who cares knows or if you've tagged your friends & then eye have to emulate you or break the chain.
Do something nice to be nice, not for some sort of social validation, do it for yourself, & don't go around videoing it/ taking photos of other people/ yourself to earn ego-points.
"A good deed is it's own reward", not a means to earn popularity.

More importantly, while it might seem like fun to challenge friends to read an entire page from the Necronomicom & post a video of it on Facebook, people need to know that every word spoken unsettles the slumber of the old gods.
These Necronomicnominations have to stop before all of our souls are swallowed & banished to some dark ethereal plain where their astral forms are worn away beneath the ever advancing footsteps of the some ancient terror, writings of which extend beyond antiquity & sanity.