Friday, 31 January 2014

Umbrella Stances

Backwards Spearman: holds disused umbrella at 90° off body, point aiming backwards, swings arm back/ forward walking.

Lazy Épée: Held forwards, at a slightly downwards angle, any part of anyone in the way is a potential target.

Lost Gondolier: Stabs path ahead w/ point of umbrella, holds it in that spot until walked far enough ahead to need to lift.

Fast-drawn Fanned-out Flintlock: Short umbrella, automatic opening, held at side, finger poised near release trigger.

Penguin's Shotgun: Held upwards across body, handle in one hand, other hand halfway up umbrella.

Sh*thead with an Umbrella: Anyone with an open golf/ oversized umbrella (especially when walking alone)

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