Tuesday, 14 January 2014

BBC's 'Sherlock' - Season 4 and beyond... [no spoilers in this post]

What I can only call "a very disappointing" season of 'Sherlock' (season 3) has just finished on the BBC. For want of a better summary, it's all gotten a bit silly.

But, in the face of overwhelming silliness, why not embrace it?!

Sherlock's wedding speech with "the empty client", "the poison giant" and "the elephant in the room", as well as that French decathlete who awoke to find himself surrounded by thousands of empty matchboxes except for once which was filled (presumably filled with the same material that was in the suitcase in 'Pulp Fiction') opened a world of possibilities for unseen 'Sherlock' stories.
All of which I am throwing up here (until such a time as I get bored): @NewSherlockEps

I've already written part of one of the ideas if Steven Moffat or Mark Gatiss need any help expanding these into the canon, or just as mini-episodes.

EXT.      An Old Church      Night

This isn't really a ghost! IT'S
(pulls mask off of suspect)


Daniel McAllister!

That's right, he concocted this 'Ghost of the Screaming Midget’ as a rouse to scare away tourists.

And I would have gotten away with it too if I had been considerably shorter!

Indeed, you pretty much gave yourself away by being 5 foot 10 but still insisting on wearing children's-sized clothes... Also, aside from the screaming you never made any effort to disguise your voice.

Oh, I thought that I was convincing enough...

Not really. The scuff marks on the knees on your trousers are also consistent with the rim of a shoe, shoes that you would have been kneeling onto to make your legs, and thus yourself, appear much shorter.

Fine, I would have gotten away with it if I had been considerably shorter and had been willing to commit to the role!

Also if you had thought of any convincing alibis for all the time you spent away from people when you were 'in costume’.

What? I had plenty of good excuses!

Telling me you can't go on the tour, but that you quote have a feeling you'll be seeing me SHORTLY end quote, is not a good excuse- It was basically a confession, truth be told.




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