Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Rose of Tralee Finale

Daithí O'Sé looks at his card to announce the next Rose, "Rohan Morrison!" he declares, then silence.
"Has anybody seen Rohan Morrison?" he implores to the crowd. As he surveys the audience a lone figure stands.
"Come." says Lord Summerisle "Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Rose."
Now the entire audience is standing, the silence broken by their voices slowly rising, singing 'Sumer Is Icumen In'.
The back of the stage drops revealing a tall wicker effigy, steps lead to a hollow torso partially concealed by a crimson sash, where Daithí is dragged.
"Don't you see that killing me isn't going to bring back your apples?!" Daithí pleads as doors are sealed and the fires are lit. He reflects solemnly, but his words are cuts off when the sound from his microphone goes silent.
The Dome's house lights are lowered and the only remaining light is from the slowly burning pyre, the only sound the soft singing.

Credits role.

The show ends for another season.

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