Friday, 26 July 2013

Moths: *ssh*les of the insect world

In China Miéville's novel 'Perdido Street Station' there are creatures called "slake moths", massive moth-like things with trans-dimensional wings which subsist on a diet of dreams or consciousness drained from its victims, leaving them as near-dead comatose husks of their former selves.
I maintain that it was one of these creatures that flew into my room at 4am, flapped around my face for a while (waking me up and freaking me out), before fluttering across every hollow object in my room causing a sound akin to a beating heart in the centre of Death's chest. It did this to taunt me until I was eventually able to subdue it with a wrapped-up newspaper & trap it under this shoe box.

If it was "just a moth" it was a real *ssh*le of a moth!

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