Thursday, 18 July 2013

Happy Birthday, Vin Diesel!

It's Vin Diesel's Birthday! I'm celebrating that fact with some movie trivia*:

Vin Diesel's role in 'Saving Private Ryan' was cut short because Steven Spielberg said it was "too difficult & costly" to edit out the bike which Diesel insisted on bringing with him to the set. The bike had a carrier basket with a full-size model of E.T. in it, which he insisted on using off and on camera. Vin Diesel did this because he said his one regret as an actor was not appearing in "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial", so rewrote his character's back-story to be a grown-up Elliott, saving E.T. from the horrors of war. Aside from numerous plot holes, all related to time travel, the idea didn't gel with the film Spielberg wanted to make.

The bike only be briefly seen in the background of one scene, where Vin Diesel is cycling up the beach during the D-Day landings.
In the end Spielberg had to digitally paint out the bike & replace it with a regular body, this was most difficult in the rain drenched sniper scene when Diesel used the bike as a shield.

Extra trivia: The letter which is in his hand when he dies just has the words "Elliott", "I'll be right here" and "ouch" written on it.

Vin Diesel is a dedicated 'Dungeons & Dragons' fan.
His misquoted hatred of 3D is related solely to his distaste for 3-sided dice (d3) rather than the film format (3D).
Vin Diesel's didn't appear in "XXX 2" or "2 Fast 2 Furious" due to conflicts with the directors over his desire to have many of the action scenes replaced with the characters sitting down for a tightly edited game of D&D.
He maintains that the middle name of every character he's ever played on screen is "Melkor", his own D&D character name.

When working on "The Iron Giant" Vin Diesel insisted that a smaller microphone be used in the recording booth so that his voice "sounded bigger".
It was also the first time that he attempted 'method acting', as a result he showed up every day wearing a home-made 'Iron Giant' costume, whether he was required that day or not.

* Fake Movie Trivia

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