Friday, 19 October 2012

SkyFall / Looper / The Road to Perdition

[Spoilers for 'Looper' & 'Road to Perdition' to follow]

Part of me still expects the first scene of "SkyFall" to be the last scene of "The Road to Perdition" (without the voiceover) then a close up shot of the kids face dissolving to Daniel Craigs face with a subtitle of "30 years later".

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' - Overview

By now people who know me will be aware that "X COM: Enemy Unknown" has consumed a decent portion of my free time.
But, 'why?' I imagine them asking. 'What is it about this game that has taken a hold of him?'

Well, there's a surprising amount going on in this game, at a pace that welcomes both new players and fans of the franchise.
But planning missions, executing strategy, upgrading my base, setting out my fleet, deploying satellite and equipping my soldiers have all been secondary (tertiary, quaternary, quinary, senary and septenary) to renaming the soldiers assigned to your squad.
Stalwart men & women, one and all, who have all chosen to defend their countries and planet, are given a name befitting of someone with whom not to f**k. This act of renaming, among new recruits, is often referred to as the "opening indignity".
Currently on my X COM task force there are:

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I broke a knuckle and had a cast on for the last month...

... the day that it was removed (today) my girlfriend came out with this:

"How's it feel to have the cast off? I'm gonna start calling you HANDS Duo now. You know, like HANDS Solo but now you have two hands... Wait, how did I not think of Hands Solo before now?! I could have been calling you that for the last month!"