Friday, 19 October 2012

SkyFall / Looper / The Road to Perdition

[Spoilers for 'Looper' & 'Road to Perdition' to follow]

Part of me still expects the first scene of "SkyFall" to be the last scene of "The Road to Perdition" (without the voiceover) then a close up shot of the kids face dissolving to Daniel Craigs face with a subtitle of "30 years later".

But "Wait!", you'll be asking yourself, "Wasn't Daniel Craig in "The Road to Perdition" also?"
Why yes, he was.
That's when you realize that you just bought tickets to "The Road to Perdidtion Part 2: Looper 2: SkyFall". Then you'll be wondering why you bought a ticket for a whole seat when you'll only need to sit on the edge!
It all ties up so well...

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