Tuesday, 5 June 2012

GAME OF THRONES: Season 2 Ending

I haven't seen the last few episodes of GAME OF THRONES so please don't spoil the ending for me.

I did, however, have a dream about how it ended.

In it Arya Stark was fleeing Tywin Lannister's keep when she picks up a large rock to use as self defense, "You'll need more than that to defeat us!" a voice says. She looks up to see a gang of scissors advancing on her.
"Now give us the rest of that hair, BOY!" the lead scissors yells.
"Noooo!" Arya yells, swinging the rock, "Not my hair!" before she starts toppling the scissors with the rock. A scissors grabs her from behind and she struggles, the scene fades from a rain sodden woods to the sunbleached courtyard of Kings Landing at the end of season 1.
"You're a boy now!" yells the man cutting Arya's hair as they head towards the exit.
Suddenly there's a loud yell from the crowd, they turn, Ned Stark is standing tall as the executioner stands with a chest full of arrows. "Hurts, doesn't in?" yells Ned, as the entire crowd reveals itself to be disguised soldiers from Winterfell.
"When I play the Game of Thrones, I play for keeps!" he yells as his broadsword gets thrown to him, and he starts hacking at enemy soldiers.
"But how?!" Cersei screamed.
"If I can fight a war, I can can d*mn well take a castle in peace time!" Ned says then points at Joffrey, "Uncle-Father Jamie can't help you now!"
"And I don't have to get a haircut!" Arya yells. Everyone freezes and looks at her. Suddenly they all throw their heads back, laugh, everything was going to be aaaaaalright!

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