Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Icelandic Facts

A friend of mine has gone to Iceland as part of a Forestry course. Apparently somewhere beneath the noxious ash clouds they have forests, however since the only aerial photographs of Iceland were taken during the "ash cloud crisis" there's no material evidence of forests, only anecdotal evidence.
Anyway, I decided to research some facts about Iceland before writing him an e-mail. Here are the facts I thought interesting enough to share.

Icelandic Fact #3:
"Iceland's national bird is the cat."

Due to the variety of birds in Iceland, no single bird could be decided upon, and a cat (the next highest predator in the food-chain) was picked.

Fact #19:
"Icelandic is the only human language which dolphins can learn and repeat."

It's a real shame that there aren't more hospitable waters for dolphins near Iceland, right?

Fact #13:
"The Northeast constituency of Iceland HATES it when you tell it that it looks like Australia."

Fact #25:
"Iceland had a formal Act of Union with Denmark between 1918 & 31st December 1943. However with events in World War 2, In June 1944 Iceland formally elected to become a republic. Between 1st January 1944 and 17 June 1944, when the republic was declared, a council of elder animals ran the affairs in Iceland. Primarily they gained office in the country due to an unlocked door in the government buildings, and the lure of some un-emptied bins following a janitorial dispute; however a polar bear which arrived from a passing iceberg had the gravitas and poise that no previous leader had. He was subsequently beaten in the post-June elections, however his fur can be seen in the Prime Minister's office."

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