Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Incomplete (& ever-expanding) List of Words/ Short Phrases That I Hate

When talking to people there are a few single words or short phrases that will completely ruin conversations for me.
Whatever about people's opinions and world views, I will argue a point and carry on even if I strongly disagree with them; but the following are some examples of words which, if seriously used in conversation, tend to make me roll my eyes & grit my teeth while I wait for the next opportunity to end the conversation & leave.

Chillax - Definitely a strong contender for one of my most hated of all non-words.

Totes - As a contraction for "totally", if this is a reference to the gambling booths then I suppose that's ok.

Langer(ed) - When said by anyone from Dublin.

Langer(ed) - When said by anyone from Cork.

Cute hoor - When said by anyone under 50. Actually, even when it's said by anyone over 50, but I'm more forgiving if I ever have to talk to that person again.

Morto - As a contraction for "mortified".

"Mix It Up" - Unless in reference to actively mixing something. If it's "I know I usually sit here and you sit there but I thought we'd mix it up!" then we have a problem and I'll be taking neither seat.

Baloobas - Drunk. Just no.

Epic - In relation to every meal, night out, photograph, joke...

Noms - Because "food", "meals", "snacks" aren't specific enough.

Nom nom nom/ Nomming - As a reference to "eating".

Gargle - For drinking alcohol.

Scoops - This coupled with the hand gesture of lifting a drink of tipping it rapidly back & forth at your face pretty much ensure that - if I'm your only option - you'll be drinking alone.

"One More Tune!" - I'm not sure what's worse, a crowd chanting this at the end of a gig, or those scattered people in pubs at closing time who chant this at the DJ.

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