Monday, 23 January 2012

Empire/ Jameson Done in 60 Seconds: War Horse Production Blog

So, on a whim I decided to enter the Jameson/ Empire Done in 60 Second competition.

My entry can be viewed at:

And I would sincerely appreciate any and all support! And especially any 'Likes' or votes that can be thrown my way.

LEGO Millenium Falcon

Some things never get old. LEGO will always be top of the list of things that I'll never get tired of.
But, growing older, I get less of a chance to play with this stuff or even assemble it (which is where most of the fun happens)
Anyway, to assemble the Millenium Falcon you get 6 labelled bags of parts, well, really about 10, but they're labelled at being numbers 1 to 6 and you open and assembled them in that order according to the instructions and - Shut up at make with the LEGO!!!

After Bag 1.

After Bag 2.

After Bag 3.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

War Horse: The Final Avenger

I cannot believe that no-one else stuck around until after the end credits of WAR HORSE to see Nick Fury show up and recruit him for The Avengers.
That movie's gonna be awesome!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

NetFlix Ireland

So, NetFlix became available in Ireland today and- like the fiend I am- I signed up almost immediately. That process was relatively simple.
I tried signing up on my PS3, but it would only let me register my e-mail address and name, when I put in my credit card info it kept telling me there was an error with the system and the screen reset. So, I put in my credit card info again. Same error message.
So, I immediately went to the PC site, I logged in with the e-mail address I registered and there waiting was my credit card info (in ****************9999 format) waiting to be confirmed. With one click of a button, it was complete and I was free to log in to my PS3 account.

Far from the trendsetting service in the USA, the service is very limited over here. The selection of movies isn't very expansive and the availability of TV series is even far behind what's already available on DVD here, let alone what's showing on tv.
But, I'll have a better look at it when I get a chance, the main thing I was curious about was HOW I would view it. An application appeared on my PS3 & XBox 360 so, I immediately had to compare them.
Separately I logged in to each, browsed the selection, found 'Drive Angry' (first movie I randomly selected) and clicked 'play'.