Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Harry Potter: Oz-style!

"Quidditch! Prison rules!" yelled the gratuitous kid-who-hates-Harry.
"It's on, b*tch!" replied Harry, sharpening the handle of his broom with a steak-knife.

Harry Potter: How it Works!

“Yes, Harry, it’s a phoenix; it caught fire, died, and came back to life- As if by, and as a direct result of, MAGiC. The answer to every question is ALWAYS ‘MAGiC’! Ok?”
Harry pondered this. "But, how is Voldemort still able to influence dark magical forces? I thought he was gone forever! How can that be explained?!"
"Magic, Harry." Not-Gandalf bowed his big bearded head "It's always f**king 'Magic'!"

That 'Planet of the Apes' Quote:

I might not remember 'PLANET OF THE APES' word-for-word but I'm almost certain that my favourite line from it is:
"Get your filthy c*ck-touchers off of me, you ugly monkey! & comb some of that sh*t out of your fur too..."

Harry Potter: All Muggled Up

‎"... & why do wizards find cars weird, but we have a bus?!" demanded Harry.
Not-Gandalf stayed quiet for 40 minutes, until Harry left, then said "*ssh*le..."