Thursday, November 6, 2014


Frank Sinatra once sang "Regrets, I've had a few... But then again, too few to mention."
(Actually, that's a lie - he probably sang that far more times than 'once', but )

Anyway, the only thing I have in a few a quantity as 'regrets' is blog updates! There are none! None to mention whatsoever. Not today, anyway, not for the last week, and maybe not for the rest of this week.
Sorry about that - got a lot of stuff on my plate at the moment, but once that's all sorted I'll be back on a regular writing schedule.

After that, however, sh*t gets sufficiently real - well, to a fairly substantial margin of error actually.
I learned a good few lessons from my 'month of horror', primarily that even if I want to write every day sometimes it's not worth reading.
So, gonna plan some stuff out, make a manageable bundle of stuff for myself to potter through rather than a steaming mess of obligation to thrust myself with no warning, no reason, and no real escape plan.

So, please bear with me.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 31: Top 25 Films To Not Watch This Halloween

There is no shortage of "Tops Films You HAVE TO Watch This Halloween" lists on the internet because, let's be honest, there's a lot of good movies out there. OK, over the course of the last month I might not have enough recommendations to come up with enough to cover the day but that's only because I was aiming to watch films that I hadn't seen before. You only get one Halloween but, like, a few dozen recommendations for the one film you must watch that day, so I'll help you scratch a few off your list or at least help you justify to friends and well-wishers why you ignored their advice and went your own way.

28 Days Later
OK, I'll give this movie one big get: It's the most accurate representation of animals rights activists I've seen in a film. Dumb, thoughtless idiots break into a research lab - with no knowledge of what was being tested on the chimps - with the intent on releasing these mystery illness inclined animals based purely on their own sense of self-righteousness with no thought of the consequences. As a result of these idiots not being willing to research (read: read) what's up with the chimps the world is f**ked. As is this movie, after this opening scene the movie goes rapidly downhill. This movie gets a lot of flack for "fast running zombies", hardly its biggest problem. This movie also features Cillian Murphy's wang. It's in the second scene. If that's what you want to see you can turn the movie off then, it doesn't make a reappearance.
If that's not what you want to see, then, I dunno, tough - This film has way more problems that you being a massive prude and if I have to reason you past this point then I might wear myself out before the real problems show up.

Ghostbusters 2
I've mentioned before that I think "The Secret of the Ooze" is a near perfect movie subtitle. Ghostbusters 2 had the chance to use it first and didn't. Strike one.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day [Number]: 'Webcomics'

I had intended to do up a post which was entirely horror webcomics, but these last 2 weeks have gotten away from me so I haven't gotten around to it.
Luckily someone at did, and their list pretty much has everything I was going to list and a good few more, so rather than present a half-formed thing check out

One of my very favourites on this list is 'His Face All Read', a creepy short story whose style just oozes atmosphere. I mean, just look at it:

I'd be lying if I said that my original plan to draw up a list of horror webcomics wasn't just a means to share this comic.
So, yes, read it and enjoy.

I'll also draw special attention to the pants-sh*ttingly scary: The Bongcheon-Dong Ghost. I throw around the phrase "pre-sh*t your pants to get a head-start on the surprise of it later" but this comic pretty much defines that warning.

Everything after those two is a bonus.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Film [insert number]: 'What We Do In The Shadows'

So, Horrorthon is over for another year. Dead and buried until an ill-wind blows the top dirt off of its shadow grave and the festering corpse beneath - seeing sunlight - blinks, breathes, and rises anew!
But, that's for the future.
For now I'm left with the fond memories of this year's festival to get me through to the next.
The high of this year's festival was the closing movie: "What We Do In The Shadows".

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Film #25: 'Trick 'r Treat'

In the same way that some films just feel like Christmas ('Elf', 'Die Hard', etc...) "Trick 'r Treat" is a film that just feels like Halloween.

Film #24: 'The Babadook'

Playing catch up now, a busy week has gotten on top of my writing schedule. My movie-watching has been fairly regular though, so it's catch-up Sunday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Film #23: 'The Possession'

People? Am I right?
Sometimes they're just an empty vessel waiting to be filled with some kind of nonsense. Sometimes it's a fad, or a lifestyle, a catchy song or they're possessed by a demon, or something - I dunno. This film's probably vaguely about all of those things...
This film being 'The Possession'.