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North Bull Island // Intro to Wildlife Drawing and Identification class-thing.


On the 20th January (yes, this month), I will be hosting an Introduction to Wildlife Drawing and Identification Workshop/class thing on North Bull Island.
It will go on from 11:00am until about 1:00pm, and will be based in the Interpretive Centre on the island.
It is also free of charge and free to all ages.

The format will be a brief introduction and presentation about North Bull Island in the Interpretive Centre, followed by a walk up the coast road to see and identify animals in their habitats, before returning to the centre for a quick discussion and (most importantly) drawing.

I hope to finish up before/ at lunch.

Some Qs* Aed** (*questions, **answered):

What is it about? Broadly, as the title says, it's an introduction to wildlife drawing and identification. North Bull Island is a nature reserve and home to many different species - birds, seals, rabbits, insects, which call the island their home - and I want to introduce people to the diversity of animal life on the island partly to and to maybe learn how to draw some of them... or at least work out their general shapes (the last part is a disclaimer in case I forget my glasses).
Why draw them?
Drawing is something that anyone can do any time, you don't need any expensive equipment - you can start with something as simple as a pencil and paper.
Where? North Bull Island Interpretive Centre.
Sorry, where? Go down the Causeway Road and it's on the right hand side at the roundabout. Parking is only along the Causeway Road, but disabled parking is available closer at the roundabout.
I...? Here.
Who - : Me, Dave.
No, who is it aimed at? It's an introductory sort of thing, I've only taken up watching wildlife in the last year since I started working on Bull Island last year, so whether you're in your thirties or older/ younger there's no real upward or downward limit to appreciating nature.
In terms or drawing ability I would say that it's introductory - everyone has to start somewhere, so if you've never drawn, or if you just doodle and sketch what's in your head, it'll be a chance to sit and draw and think about what you're putting on to paper.
Though I would say that younger people might.
For instance my niece probably shouldn't go because she can't go ten minutes without mashing her hand into a plate of ketchup, swirling it around then guiding the palm of her hand carefully yet haphazardly back to her mouth, smearing the red sauce all over her face with her outstretched fingers, getting only a minimal taste of it. I assure you it's as adorable as it is distracting but I'll probably wait for a later stage of development before trying to teach her to draw.
What's the cost: As cheap as free! There is no cost for this.
Should I bring decent runners/ shoes to walk in? There is a tarmac path up the coast road and in to the Interpretive Centre where we'll mostly be going, so sensible shoes for that are required. If (like me) you want to walk around after the course (sure, while you're on the island already) to the beach or venturing in to the dunes or marsh - decent runners or walking shoes would be a must.
Yes, Bryce Dallas Howard ran around that dinosaur infested island in high heels, but it's definitely not something you want to try yourself.
How about weather appropriate clothing? If the weather is really poorly obviously I won't be asking people to venture outside at all / more than we have to, but preparing for being outside in Dublin in January is a given, particularly as (other than the Interpretive Centre) there's not a hint of shelter.
Should I bring a pencil? Feasibly I can only do that thing where I break my own pencil in half, and sharpen the other end as a selfless gesture of generosity & ingenuity, a certain number of times before the pencil is splintered and unusable. So please bring a pencil.
Maybe something to lean on: An odd one, we have chairs but no desks. I'll try to find some things to lean on though.

If you have any questions feel free to email me character.a at, or even if you just want to let me know that you're coming.